Over thirty years ago, in 1989, Jaime Martinez Molina, founder partner of MMO Architectos began his career in the world of architecture. These begininnings are located in La Coruña (Spain), their dedication was exclusively focused on residential buildings, as time passed apartments were projected to other Spanish cities by the hand of promoters of La Coruña.

In 1995, the firm began to focus on the construction of new types of buildings, including projects for shopping centers and hotels, as well as town planning.

From that time right up to the present, under the name of MMO Arquitectos, the company has focused on town planning and buildings for public use.

The team members' contribution to the world of architecture is visible by its constant search for new solutions to solve the needs of future users and its adaptation of projects by creating accurate innovative technical solutions to achieve that end.

Since the end of 2016, MMO architects has opened offices in Madrid, Málaga and Canary Islands, to be able to tackle projects with local technicians.