MMO team is made up by architects with different specialties who, under MMO company name, combine their experience to solve the challenges of the profession. Projects we cover in different areas emphasizes the need for collaboration between different architects involved in projects. In the realm of hotel design, thanks to this proven experience, this union allows us to tackle singular projects in different geographical locations.

General Manager

 Jaime Martínez Molina. Architect



Maria Eugenia Sánchez Varela. Secretaria

Department of Architecture

Sergio Galán Rubido. Architect

Diego Rey Lagares. Architect

Javier Echevarría Haya . Architect

Lara Costa Tobío . Architect

Inés Díaz Conde. Architect

Eva Corral Vence. Architect

Ana Cibeira González. Architect

Rubén Estévez Tenreiro. Architect

Daniel Rodríguez Sánchez. Architect


Department of Architectural Technology

Lourdes Serrano Calvo. Architectural Technologist

Daniel García Fernández. Arquitectural Technologist

Department of Draughtsmen

Enrique Rodríguez Lista. Draughtsman

MMO Architects addresses all the project, leading a working team integrated by external partners: Facilities Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing, Electricity, Telecommunications, Energy and Environment) like Conforma in A Coruña, Iprotec in Madrid or MPF Engineering&Projects in Málaga, which works at national level; Suarez y Garcia S.L. (Structural consultancy); Vicom and Urban Simulations(3D Rendering), and Iñaki Leite (architect who specializes in Fire Engineering). This team allow us to tackle a full range of architectural services of any size and complexity.

Since the end of 2016 MMO architects has offices and local technicians in Madrid, Málaga and Canary Islands.