Vanguard, fashion and design. Yes, 09/07/22

The new Hotel Attica21 in Samil has been inaugurated

The green philosophy of the new Samil icon. El Faro de Vigo, 14/05/22


Textile and electronics sector demand space in the opening of Nexus Sabón. La Voz de Galicia. 19/03/2021


On January 11, the works will begin on the Deputation Avenue of Sabón. La Voz de Galicia. 26/12/2020

Quality and exquisiteness for the customers. Promotional supplement. DoubleTree by Hilton A Coruña. 26/09/2020

Starco, controlled by Inveravante, start construction works of Nexus Sabón. El Correo Gallego, 04/06/2020


A new way of life. Revista YES, La Voz de Galicia, 17/08/2019

Coruña Hilton Hotel will open during Holy week at 2020. La Voz de Galicia, 01/02/19


Samil will perform new hotel building after demolition of current hotel. El Faro de Vigo, 13/07/18


A Coruña will inaugurate the exhibition "El Motor de la Historia" as a prelude of the future Museum. El Ideal Gallego, 27/03/15

The previous of the Automotive Museum. La Voz de Galicia, 28/03/15

Bens park will grow 170.000 m2. La Voz de Galicia, 28/03/2015

Negreira announced that the local government will leverage the creation of the Automotive Museum to expand the Bens park area. Populares de La Coruña, 28/03/2015

Jaime Martínez Molina will speak at the presentation of the "I Jornada Arquitectura Retail en Marineda City" on February 25, 2015. 09/02/15


MMO Arquitectos is in Construmarket now. 23/10/13


Marineda City was awarded as the best Spanish Shopping Centre (Spanish). Real Estate. 20/09/12

Marineda City was awarded as the best Spanish Shopping Centre (Spanish). Franquicias hoy,es. 14/09/12


Interview with Jaime Martínez Molina. Architect. Special issue of Marineda City. La Voz de Galicia (Spanish) .14/04/11

The "Acarrexador" dominates Marineda City yet. El Ideal Gallego (Spanish). 30/03/11


Marineda City was awarded as the best Shopping Centre half a year before the opening (Spanish). 28/11/10

A car park with 6.000 parking spaces. El Ideal Gallego (Spanish).24/11/10

A campus next to Warner Park. ABC (Spanish). 01/02/10

Classic Car Museum. The automotive novelties (Spanish). 11/01/10


The jewls we'll see in Bens . La Voz de Galicia (Spanish). 11/10/09


Elba Costa Ballena (Rota). The style is the key. Hoteles (Spanish).05/06/08

A Coruña presents the Comercial Area of Ikea without approval of the Xunta . El País (Spanish).22/02/08

The budget of the Collazo & Jove's Shopping Centre doubles that of the city. La Opinión (Spanish).22/02//08